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Investment Promotion

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Agency policy:

1. The agents determined by the company enjoy the wholesale price of the company.

2. Give 2-3 promotional price support every year.

3. Enjoy the year-end rebate policy according to the sales task determined by the company.

4. Support display and promotion expenses by region.

5. The company is staffed to carry out promotional activities and related prize support.

Agency conditions:

1. Its own trading company is equipped with more than 5 professional marketing personnel.

2. There are no agents of similar products or products of the same brand in the application area.

3. It has certain influence and distribution capacity in the region.

4. There is no bad business record in this region and industry.

Application process:

The regional business manager submits relevant qualifications and applications. After the company and the business manager entrusted by the company make an on-site inspection, and have the agency conditions specified by the company, they can act as agents for Jimei products only after being approved by the company.

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