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China canned map, hoard it!

2022-04-13 10:57:09

Flying in the sky, running on the ground, swimming in the sea

There's nothing that can't be canned!

As the saying goes, if you have grain in your hand, don't panic. Canned food can not only lock thousands of delicious food in it, but also make time completely stagnant and the ingredients span time and space. In fact, it is the spring of epidemic, and the table of the general public is reassured.

Can, protect your dining table.

Canned food was originally imported. Once its figure set foot on the land of China, it will spread its branches and leaves on the fertile soil of North and South with a lightning speed, which can make people eat the full feast of man and Han. Hong Kong Ayi, Shanghai Meilin, Guangdong Yuehua, Dandong Guangtian, Liaoning Hongta, Wenzhou Panda... Open a pot of dishes and spread them on the hot rice. When the gravy and vegetable soup melt, it is a full "pot" of rice.

Coastal areas account for the majority of China's canning guidelines.

Coastal areas account for the majority of China's canning guidelines.

Interestingly, Chinese people, who are widely baptized by the culture of "fresh food first and not eating from time to time", will only think of dusty cans in special times. For this reason, whether the canned food is delicious or not has become the standard for us to test it. Then the question comes: China is so big, where are the cans delicious?

1. Cans are neither earthy nor foreign

As long as it's delicious, it's a good can

The official appearance of cans dates back to the 18th century. When Napoleon fought in Europe, he offered rewards to solve the problem of military grain storage; Later, the French and British invented the method of using glass and metal containers to hold cooked food and then empty it, which is the prototype of modern cans.

Canning is one of the models of civilian military technology.

Since then, canned food has won popularity with its dazzling aura of long-term storage, ready to eat, portability and hygiene, and has become a "treasure" food with its newborn pet.

Beidaihe "Military" cans, the leader in the energy industry

Unlike the various packages of pull ring cans on the market, Hebei diners have been interested in Beidaihe brand cans produced in Qinhuangdao since childhood.

The predecessor of Beidaihe canned food is the military canned food specially for the army. In the early stage of production, the sealing method without pull ring was used; For pure food, only by carefully opening a hole first, and then prying up the cover with a tool, can we have the sense of ritual of eating cans. This opening method is also the symbol of "pure blood" of military canned goods.

Today, canned food is also a kind of convenience food.

Today, canned food is also a kind of convenience food.

A can full of high-energy meat is undoubtedly the signature dish of Beidaihe canned food. For the heroic soldiers defending the frontier, it is the fundamental to ensure physical strength and an important source of energy. Fat and thin braised pork and hooves, large pieces of solid beef, spicy lion's head... Today, it can still capture the hearts of meat eaters at one stroke.

Canned braised beef

Shanghai Meilin is not just a "foreign" lineage

Shanghai has a say in the commercial gene of cans. As early as the early 20th century, Shanghai Taikang Food Company took the lead in introducing cans from overseas, including imported tomato sauce used in Shanghai style western food. It is expensive, but its sales are popular, which makes shareholders gradually have the idea of imitation.


Facts have proved that the domestic "tomato sauce" made of Jiangsu and Zhejiang tomatoes has ruddy color and rich taste, which is no less than imported goods. Borscht soup, fried pork chops and baked beans in tomato sauce have also entered the lives of ordinary people in Shanghai with the localization of ketchup and changed into traditional dishes.

Canned sardine

Roasted bran is a unique famous dish in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Ferment and steam the gluten, cut it into pieces, and then fry it in oil until fragrant. Add the boiled bamboo shoots, agaric, cauliflower and peanuts into the soup to boil the juice. At this time, the soft and spongy baked bran sucked enough of the salty and sweet soup, got on the canned express, and walked into thousands of households all over the world.

Canned bran

Canned bran

The pleasant Jiangnan side dish braised bamboo shoots in oil also plunged into the arms of the can. The white fat boy produced in accordance with the season is covered with oil sauce. His sweet and crisp taste is no longer exclusive to the short spring and winter.

After the 1950s, Taikang Food Company carried out a public-private partnership and established the now well-known canned brand - Meilin.

Luncheon meat

Merlin and lunch meat are CP. many people always take a can of lunch meat first when they buy cans. This kind of canned meat can be diced, fried, fried and boiled in soup. No matter three meals a day or small snacks, lunch meat can always be mixed with pink and tender body shape. It's really lazy. Just take an iron spoon and you can have a luxurious lunch with meat.

Luncheon meat

Guangdong Yingqian, hometown flavor of "going to Nanyang"

Shanghai Meilin is the pride of canning localization; Cantonese cans also contain dreams and distant places. In the 19th century, Cantonese set off an upsurge of "going to Nanyang" to work. When they were far away in a foreign country, a taste of dace from their hometown became the desire of many "overseas drifters".

Canned dace

In the early stage, people fried the dace until both sides were golden yellow, then mixed Yangjiang Douchi, put it into the tank, let the soybean oil submerge it, and then sealed it with mud, and made the "start-up" Douchi dace that is resistant to storage. This is an ancient method. The secret is to isolate fish from the air. Dace can be preserved for at least two months.

Dace in black bean sauce

For sailors, these cans of black bean dace are life-saving dishes in the boundless ocean. With the mellow flavor of Douchi and the freshness of dace, it can make people eat a lot. It is also a "God dish for eating" on land. With the accumulation of ancient technology and the modernization of cans, the flavor of "ocean floating" people's dreams has become cans heading far away.

A can of black bean dace, a handful of oatmeal, or a juicy bitter gourd are all home-made dishes that Cantonese can't live without.


Canned food, which allows delicious food to transcend time, is simply a high-tech that affects the fate of the tip of the tongue. As long as it is delicious and durable, it is a good can.

02 trench meat and seafood,

Can as much fun as you want!

The protagonist of canned food is usually meat. No matter when and where, a mouthful of meat will immediately make you feel comfortable.

Canned sheep and scorpions

The canned sheep and scorpions on the Zhangbei grassland can fill the appetite of a whole hot pot with enough quantity. Coupled with the mutton partner of white radish, carefully chew and clean the sheep and scorpions, rinse with a few vegetables, and then drink a bowl of hot mutton soup to make the bottom, which makes the cold winter a little less biting.

Canned beef brisket in brown sauce

In the cans in Shenyang, chicken stewed with mushrooms, pork stewed with pickled vegetables... It's inevitable that it tastes like hometown. Dalian's Zhudao braised beef and braised beef brisket are excellent players for a bowl of beef noodles in clear soup, with soft beef and soft elastic tendons; Even the tendons of the brain, congealed in the jar enough meat jelly, q-bomb chewy, stewed with potatoes, radishes on a pot, is also a full hard dish.

Pig skin jelly

Yunnan people can't introduce their hometown characteristics without Dehe brand cloud leg cans. Superior mountain black pork is the gold lettered signboard of Yunnan cuisine. It can not only make excellent ham, but also achieve the classic taste of canned food. I'll tell you secretly that it's a secret soup hanging artifact in the world. Even if it's just cooking instant noodles, as long as there is a can of cloud legs added, it can sublimate the taste in minutes and freshen your tongue in the middle of the night.

Canned ham

Canned seafood, lock the fresh taste into your heart

Compared with the open and close meat, canned seafood is more meaningful. However, people near the water have a seafood flavor that can be taken out of hand, and have the ability to keep it.

Canned seafood

The drunken mud snail in Zhoushan, Ningbo, is crystal clear, and the sweet and salty taste highlights the fat and tender meat shell extremely well. Its lips and teeth gently open and close, and its body is crispy with a bang, which is very interesting.

Dalian is close to the sea, with large and complete garlic scallops, hairtail with crispy bones, tuna with salad... This is the world of canned seafood and the paradise of foodies.

Canned tuna

Tuna in oil has bright color and rich taste, which makes pizza difficult to dry; Water soaked tuna, spread on the sandwich, the taste is more refreshing. If you want to give your taste buds a new experience, you can have a can of tuna in tomato juice. The tomato is delicious, and the sour juice is hearty. You can play a wonderful movement with tuna.

3. Tired of eating meat? I have to have some vegetables!

The assorted fried rice that I loved to eat when I was a child, with clear grains of rice, emerald green beans, golden corn, pink and tender diced meat for lunch, has all kinds of colors and flavors, which people still miss when they grow up. It was not until one day that I found canned corn and green beans in the supermarket that I seemed to understand the mystery.

Canned corn

Canned green beans

Stir-Fried Rice with Meat and Vegetables

The canned Cologne cauliflower, which is the snack of Fujian people, is crispy and salty. It is a good partner of Qingcong, and it is also a small dish that the eldest sister in Hunan next door has been inseparable from since childhood.

Tianjin Great Wall brand canned winter vegetables still have a brown ancient altar packaging. Semi dried winter vegetables mixed with garlic puree need to be fermented until the second year. A thin layer of pancake fruit, a chopstick in wonton noodles, old tofu and porridge... The authentic old taste is just right.

Canned olive

Olive vegetable, which confused everyone's eyes, is actually the compatibility of mustard leaves and olives. Choose green and plump olives, stir fry them with oil and salt, then add old mustard leaves, simmer them slowly until they are dark and shiny, dip the glycol of Olives into the veins of mustard leaves, and then put them into cans for storage. Diced beans and stir fried with minced meat and olive vegetables are the popular green beans with olive and minced meat in North and South China. It can easily ignite the pride of novice chefs.

Fried cowpea with olive

There is also the pickled cucumber that Harbin people love. It was introduced by Russian expatriates. With thin skinned dry cucumbers that have not yet fully grown in the northeast land, it was cleaned, poured with rice vinegar, sprinkled with sugar, salt, fennel seeds and perilla seeds, and then put a few pieces of perilla leaves, steamed in a pot for ten minutes, and left to cool. It became sour, sweet, and crisp sour cucumbers.

pickled cucumbers

The lovely mushrooms growing all over Yunnan will not be left outside by cans. Dehe brand chicken fir oil mushroom cans, chicken fir mushroom cans and Boletus cans are not only popular in Yunnan, but also can become a haunting regional delicacy for outsiders if they take a bite.

"Three rare mushrooms in Yunnan": fried chicken fir, Chinese pine antler, Boletus.

The canned water chestnut and canned corn shoots in Zhangzhou, Fujian Province, do not know whether they should be called vegetables and fruits or snacks. The crisp, sweet and noisy food is bound to be included in their own decompression treasure house.

4. Canned fruit, private taste

Canning can always keep up with the pace of the season. Fresh melons and fruits from all over the north and South can be canned in time. It's a wonderful taste of life to eat the fruits of the four seasons in one breath in the harsh winter of depression or during the long journey.

Canned yellow peach in syrup

Canned yellow peaches, "cure all diseases", are the childhood memories of many people in Northeast China. When I was a child, every time I had a fever and a cold, I could harvest the rare canned yellow peaches. The elders always said, "after eating the canned peaches, I'll be well.". Over time, the discomfort of getting sick and catching a cold can't resist the delicious temptation of yellow peach; Nowadays, compared with canned yellow peaches, fresh yellow peaches seem to be a little less sweet and gentle in taste.

Canned yellow peach in syrup

Harbin people have taken advantage of "eating melons". Every cantaloupe harvest season, you can see the body shape in the melon field one after another and the rich fragrance in your nose from a distance. At this time, take a jar, you can seal and hide this melon fragrance, and stay in winter, and you will still be a greasy kebab partner.

Canned Korla Fragrant Pear

If you want to find the local tyrants in the cans, look at the loquat cans and bayberry cans in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, the expensive Jiangnan delicacies. After being canned, they weigh more in their hands, but their eyes are full of expectation.

Canned citrus

The hot summer is the harvest season loved by Cantonese people. If you eat the peeled lychees at one go, you can't help worrying about getting angry. Preserved in cans, the white and fat litchi meat is wrapped in the clear juice, which makes it more playful and lovable. "Pineapple pieces in a glass can and pineapple rings in an iron can" was summed up by southerners. In order to win more lottery, pineapple became sour and approachable.

Canned fruit

In today's developed cold chain, canned food has long diluted the definition of storage resistance and has more identity - perhaps it is the memory of an era, a deep feeling for hometown, or a new interpretation of current life

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