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Canned gift bag - recommended list of canned goods

2022-04-26 07:57:09

As the saying goes, "food is the God of the people", food is the material basis for human survival and the basic necessities of people's life. Everyone's Day is inseparable from food. However, since the outbreak of covid-19, in order to cooperate with the national anti epidemic work and protect more people from the disease, many communities have temporarily taken measures to seal, control and eliminate the disease. Although the government actively regulates and controls, and many volunteers actively pay day and night, many residents still face the problem of food shortage due to the shortage of manpower and other reasons. Especially in recent days, the epidemic in Shanghai, Jilin and other places has resurfaced. Grabbing vegetables and group buying have become compulsory tasks for Shanghai citizens every day. "It is difficult to find a dish" has become a common phenomenon in this international metropolis. Overnight in Beijing, a large number of people queued up in supermarkets to buy daily necessities for emergencies.

Jimei canned corn

What the old people said, "there is food in hand, don't panic", is really reflected in some special moments. It seems necessary to store some food at home. Recently, this "vegetable shortage" seems to have spread to all parts of the country through the Internet. Various articles and videos flaunting "vegetable hoarding skills" have gushed into various social platforms, and consumers all over the world have begun to take precautions to join the "hoarding" army. However, if you really need to hoard grain, you also need to make a certain plan, and you can't purchase blindly. To hoard food, we must first pay attention to food safety. In addition, based on the characteristics of hoarding, it should also be easy to store and eat. In addition, nutrition is also indispensable. There are many foods that can be stored. According to personal dietary preferences, rice flour oil, beverages, cans, milk, cookies, etc., and even those who like to drink two cups can store a few bottles of wine appropriately. Today, we will focus on cans among the many hoarded foods. After all, the invention background of canned food is to store food without deterioration. Canned food, as a safe, nutritious and delicious food that does not occupy the space of the refrigerator during transportation and storage, has always played an important role in food security in earthquake relief, military supplies supply and other aspects. In particular, citizens of many foreign countries have the habit of buying canned food as household reserves, and even the government takes the initiative to provide canned food to citizens in the event of disasters, reducing the losses caused by disasters to a low point.

Jimei canned corn

1. Canned meat

When it comes to grain hoarding, the author must be the first to recommend lunch meat in canned meat. Many friends are happy with meat, and lunch meat is widely used. Breakfast: lunch meat sandwich / grab cake / egg cake, lunch & Dinner: lunch meat fried rice / fried noodles / fried cakes; Chinese hot pot, Japanese rice balls, European salads, and Italian pizza can be used. It can be said that it is across China and the West and is popular all over the world.

The meat of lunch is delicate, fresh and tender in taste, and fragrant in flavor. The main nutrients are protein, fat, carbohydrates, niacin, etc. the content of minerals sodium and potassium is high, which can improve immunity and appetizer. In addition, braised beef, braised pork and canned mutton and scorpion hotpot can also be purchased appropriately according to personal preferences.

meat can

2. Canned vegetables

Vegetables are indispensable in people's daily diet. Canned vegetable food is processed with fresh and high-quality raw materials, which basically retains the original nutrients of its own high-quality part. Although vitamin C is slightly lost, the proportion of nutrients per unit mass has been increased, which is more conducive to digestion and absorption. Canned vegetables that sell well internationally include: canned sweet corn, canned asparagus, canned ketchup, canned mushrooms, canned bamboo shoots and canned cucumbers.

China is a major producer and exporter of canned asparagus. Asparagus enjoys the reputation of "king of vegetables" in the world. It is rich in a variety of amino acids, proteins, and vitamins. It can improve body immunity, prevent and treat diseases such as hypertension, heart disease, edema, etc., and has strong inhibitory and pharmacological effects.

Sweet corn contains a lot of sugar, which is easier to be absorbed by the human body than sugar, glucose and sucrose, and can supplement energy for the human body. Rich in vitamins and carotene, it can lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, prevent arteriosclerosis and Alzheimer's disease; It can protect eyes, improve eyesight and prevent eyes from aging; It can promote cell division and delay aging; Containing selenium and cellulose, it can also promote the excretion of endotoxin and carcinogens, and has the effect of preventing cancer.

Canned sweet corn

Canned edible fungi are rich in nutrition and delicious. They have the characteristics of high protein and low fat. They have always been known as "plant meat". Mushrooms also contain iron, calcium, crude fiber, and 19 kinds of amino acids, eight of which are needed by the human body. Modern medicine shows that mushrooms contain a variety of antiviral ingredients, which can inhibit the occurrence and development of tumors, reduce a certain amount of cholesterol, lower blood pressure, etc., and have high nutritional value.

3. Canned fruit

The main way for human to supplement vitamins is to eat fruits. Fresh fruit leaves the tree and still needs to be consumed and breathed, and delicious and nutrients will gradually lose with the extension of storage period. Fresh fruits can be processed into cans. Through scientific and reasonable technology, as long as they are tightly sealed and stored properly, they can be stored for 24 months or more within the shelf life indicated by the product, and their nutritional value is not inferior to that of fresh fruits.

Canned fruit, which is sour, sweet and delicious in the season when you open it, is a gorgeous decoration of Western-style cakes, providing a rich mix of flavors for Chinese desserts, and also a decorative pattern of milk tea and other drinks. After dinner or at leisure, order some peaches, oranges, coconuts, lychees, waxberry, strawberries, grapes or canned pears. You can choose a variety of categories to relax.

Canned fruit

4. Canned aquatic products

How to satisfy the appetite for seafood when living at home away from the sea?

The common canned aquatic products in supermarkets in China include canned tuna soaked in different soups, accompanied by various flavors, and canned Douchi dace, which has undergone a hundred years of reform and inherited the history of southern Guangdong. The famous Douchi dace is a canned fish highly favored by Chinese people. It is delicious to eat directly, and can also be cooked with other vegetable ingredients. Fresh mackerel is not easy to preserve. It rots when it comes out of water. The common way is to process it into cans. The common flavors are salt water, oil immersion and tomato juice. In addition, there are seafood delicacies such as soft and tender q-shaped sea cucumber and nutritious and tender abalone.

Canned aquatic products

5. Canned porridge

Porridge cans have a rich variety and a long history. Among them, Babao porridge cans carry the childhood memories of a generation. They are mainly made of a variety of cereals. They are extremely rich in nutrients, moderate in sweetness, easy to digest and absorb, and are widely loved by old and young consumers.

Since the development of porridge cans, many flavors with special nutritional functions have been developed, such as meat porridge, fruit porridge, vegetable porridge, skin beautifying porridge, which are necessary for home storage and convenient for life.

Canned porridge

6. Canned dishes

If you are not good at cooking or are too lazy to cook, you can order canned dishes without taking out. The canned dishes in our country not only have a long history, but have always been in great glory in supplying military supplies to the army, and are deeply favored by the uncles of the people's Liberation Army. In recent years, there are a wide variety of canned dishes in the civil market, including shredded meat with fish flavor, kung pao chicken, Mapo Tofu, curry potatoes, etc. they can be eaten after being simply heated at home. Now self heated canned dishes are more convenient for heating. No wonder a canning company in the United States advertised that buying a can was equivalent to hiring a famous Chinese chef.

Canned dishes

7. Canned Cereals

Coarse cereals are rich in nutrition and have health care effects. However, most of them contain many anti nutritional factors, which are poor in palatability and digestibility, and are not easy to cause people's appetite. If the coarse cereals are made into canned coarse cereals with fine taste, they will get higher sensory evaluation and be convenient to eat. Among the canned Cereals, the famous canned corn not only tastes good, but also has the effects of Tonifying the stomach, dehumidification and diuresis, and reducing blood lipids.

Canned Cereals

8. Other cans

In recent years, there is a kind of food popular in the health market - Canned bird's nest. Only bird's nest, water and rock sugar are added, and advanced canning technology is adopted to provide consumers with a more convenient, time-saving and durable beauty tonic.

Canned bird's nest

9. Pet cans

Don't forget to prepare delicious rations for "hairy children" at home, and prepare some canned pet food to meet the daily needs of cats and dogs at home. The nutrition matching of canned pets is also very comprehensive.

Pet cans


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